With Nutrisystem work has become more productive

Hello there! I am Steve, the manager of Water Fix, a small plumbing company Newark, Delaware.  Our company has been up and running for about 19 years now. Currently, we have 7 employees working in Newcastle County, Delaware and we hope to expand to other locations in the near future too. Anyways, today I am about to share with you how Nutrisystem because a part of Water Fix’s daily life. Before we get into details about the latest deals of Nutrisystem, listen to our weight loss story.

One afternoon, I was sitting reading the daily newspaper in my office when Jeremy, one of our plumbers came into the office, looking sluggish and tired after a long morning of work. He said that he had to run to fix a plumbing problem in an apartment down the street in 10 minutes but was feeling extremely drowsy after work and came to the office to quickly wash his face and freshen up. I laughed and continued skimming through the newspaper. One thing I love doing is collecting coupons from papers, so you can probably guess what happened next. I stumbled upon a promo code and cut it out of the newspaper.

Not quite sure what Nutrisystem exactly was, I googled it and fell in love with its concept. The fact that the meals it provided were of such high quality yet so inexpensive amazed me. My wife always nagged me about how I was gaining a lot of weight just sitting in the office and wasn’t eating healthy, so I used one of the Nutrisystem 40 off promo codes and signed up for a meal plan right away! And at that very moment, I thought of my hardworking staff and wondered what they ate for lunch and if they even had lunch while working. That evening, I called all of them and turns out most of them grab some fast food (see why you should avoid fast food) on their way to work whereas some just rely of what they have for breakfast before coming to work. That’s when I decided I was going to order a Nutrisystem meal plan for all 7 of my employees and let me tell you about how Nutrisystem has affected their eating habits and health.


Nutrisystem Weight Loss Results

Staying energetic with Nutrisystem

Plumbing being a blue-collar job requires a lot manual labor. This also means that the workers need more energy than others. The meal plan for Water Fix workers includes 5 meals a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks. With Nutrisystem Coupons you might even be able to get an extra snack for yourself! To keep the employees moving and working all day, it is necessary for them to have the right nutrients and portions of food and Nutrisystem makes it so easy by just calculating the amount of nutrients our bodies require and planning our meals accordingly. I can see that nowadays my workers look a lot more pumped up even after a long afternoon of work. I haven’t seen Jeremy coming in to take a quick nap or freshen up recently!

Meals are always ready and easy to take away

Last week, I was asking Kyle, one of our plumbers about whether or not he was happy with his Nutrisystem meals, and he seemed to be utterly satisfied with it. He told me that he loved how he could just grab a frozen lasagna on his way to fixing something and just ask the client to microwave it for him and eat lunch without having to leave his work incomplete, go out and grab a quick bite. He said that Nutrisystem was saving him a lot of time and money. He even told me that because he doesn’t need to make breakfast in the morning anymore, he looks for discount codes to buy extra pretzel bites to snack on.

Saving time and money, losing extra pounds

Having to work from early in the morning to mid afternoon non-stop, David never had time to make or eat breakfast before work. His lunch hours were never the same because his work schedule was always changing. When he finally had sometime to eat in the afternoon, he’d gobble down a whole large pizza by himself and go back to work. He was gaining a lot of work and though he knew what he was doing wasn’t healthy, he kept doing it for the sake of working more hours and earning more money. For him, Nutrisystem has been a win-win because it is so reasonably priced and affordable, and because he collects Nutrisystem discount codes as well, he is saving even some money on food.  He is also losing weight, which has eventually enabled him to work more hours without feeling tired. Though he still works non-stop from early in the morning to mid-afternoon, he now takes 5 minute breaks to snack on something every few hours and eats breakfast and lunch in proper lunch hours now.

Exercising with Nutrisystem

Now speaking of me, I too have lost a few pounds in just a few months. My wife is definitely impressed by how far I’ve come. I personally feel a lot healthier with my food choices right now. I still have a hard time believing how tasty yet so nutritious Nutrisystem meals are. In the first month of Water Fix’s Nutrisystem plan, I was confused about how my workers were losing weight much faster that I was and then I remembered that I read about how Nutrisystem is even more effective than the Atkins diet. Seeing that Water Fix plumbers were always on call and moving around a lot during work every day, it made sense that they were losing weight faster than me. Since I drive to work and just sit in my office the whole day receiving calls from clients and collecting Nutrisystem deals, I barely move around so since last month, I’ve started walking to/from work instead of driving. I don’t live very far away so I can easily get to work in 20 minutes. Even with just 40 minutes of walking every day, I can see a much better result in my body.

Here are some pros and cons to help you decide whether or not Nutrisystem is a good choice for you or your workplace:


  • Meals have adequate nutrients to get you through work that requires a lot of manual labor
  • Neatly packaged foods with clearly mentioned ingredients and calories
  • Set of many small sized meals instead of just one big meal
  • Great Nutrisystem coupons deals


  • Some snacks melt very quickly
  • Need to exercise daily to see a greater effect
  • Difficult to stick to the same meal plan 24/7

Thanks to Nutrisystem, Water Fix now has a healthier and happier team of workers and has had more productivity than ever before!